Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rookie Blogger

So I have to be honest... I'm a terrible writer. In fact, it's what I consider my biggest weakness. After expressing such concern to my sister (an avid writer and amazing individual to go to for advice), she suggested that I create a blog. My original thought was natural - how do I do that?! Since it's not exactly rocket science, I figured it out and here I am. So as per the first posting, it's a blog with no clear focus, just an outlet to practice and improve my writing. Enough of that, here we go!

Over the weekend I read 'Chasing Harry Winston" written by Lauren Weisberger;
It was a quick and easy read. By no means intellectual, a simple girly and fun novel to read. Not to discredit her writing, she's extremely well spoken. Her novel read smoothly and the story-line moved at a quick pace. I really enjoyed book as a break from the daily motion of the city and her overall message of finding love without settling for love, was cliche but cute. I loved the idea of the girls breaking away from routine and doing things that made them uncomfortable. I find that what makes us most uncomfortable (within reason), is usually what is best for us. That said, that will be my next venture, to do something that makes me uncomfortable and pushes my boundaries! Skydiving anyone??

Ciar xoxo

Pumpkin Carriages

Hi everyone,

The purpose of creating this blog is to primarily to improve my writing whereby having a therapeutic outlet to write what's on my mind.