Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Burning Bridges

Ever wonder where/when the term 'burning bridges' came about? Clearly the term is suitable, but why not 'don't expect to be friends/foster relations with an enemy that you had formerly beheaded and thereafter placed said head on a stake to scare others away'? Or 'don't give someone the HIV or the H1N1', or even, 'bastardizing ones' kin'?? Cruel, yet all with the same overall effect of ostracizing oneself for gain at a solatary point in time and after that gain is achieved, effectively 'burning bridges' when the individuals recognize you actually had alterior motives. Sometimes it's an honest mistake, albeit honest or not, a mistake. Other times it's intentional and only satisfying for a small point in time until you realize that that mistake will ultimately have consequences... To burn the bridge or not??

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Quest for Improvement

I am strong-willed, focused, and intelligent, yet lazy. My laziness is the biggest obstacle to overcome when trying to improve - well anything. Growing up, I studied less than most and achieved good grades. However, as age multiplied and schooling advanced, wading in a sea of mediocracy led me to a well-deserved unambitious position in a bureaucratic maze where laziness got you as far as it should, the tipping point. After many nights, weeks, even years, the ambition and fire to do and be more grew... I applied to law school. Now in the middle of Moby Dick, I prepare for the riskiest and most challenging road-block yet; the question that remains unanswered... does my laziness continue to prevail? In due time it will become clear, but all the while, I will be optimistic in the dig out of a dark hole that was the impetus of reigniting my fuel to succeed.

Sweet dreams,
Ciar xoxo

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ageless Wonder

I grew up with the notion, that immaturity has direct correlation to age... Wow, was I ever wrong! Although I'm not old, my experiences have led me to believe that immaturity relates to feelings and state of mind at the time of the action. For example, if an individual feels that they are being treated poorly or unappreciated, they react to situations 'immaturely' at times. Age seems to have extremely little to with it. Some of the most immature people have to be some of the most unhappy/vile individuals. So rather an age factor, perhaps it's a happiness factor??