Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back on the bandwagon

My month-long hiatus from reading has officially been broken. The book to attribute such graces would be none other than D.H. Lawrence's Sons & Lovers. Initially, I felt the book to be dry and true to its age (written in the 1800s). However, about half way through, it began to pick up and I started to understand what gave it its acclaimed status as one of the classics. The novel explores the strong love and bond that a mother and son possess. Such a bond can never be broken or replaced and in this case, almost destroys the son's opportunity to even find love outside his mother. The story is not a fairy tale and does not have a happy ending, although, I did find it refreshing. I think that the reality is, some people may never find 'love'. They may simply just find companionship with someone they may have known for a long time, or someone who they know loves them, but they may not return such favour.

An interesting theme to the novel was the idea of 'having someone'. By that, they mean the idea of having ones' heart. We are all familiar with the difference with lust and love, however, the notion of love vs need is another. My favourite quote which was painfully beautiful went something like this; "She loves me so much that I feel if she could she would put me in her pocket, carry me around, and ultimately smother me." It epitimizes the feeling of knowing how loved you are, but instead of feeling lucky to be so loved, merely feeling overwhelmed and smothered.

All in all, I feel this book was one that definately allows you to appreciate the bond with your parents, however, also the fine line that can ruin future relationships if you can not separate wanting to please your parents by being there and having their approval vs. accepting that others can love you in an obviously different but equally beautiful way.

With that, I'm off to find another novel to dream about.

Until next time,
Ciar xoxo

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