Monday, May 10, 2010

The First to Bite the Dust

Saturday was the official day that my first close university friend was wed. She looked fantastic and the day turned out to be beautiful. She wore a simple dress with nice beading that suited her style and personality. The idea of wearing an over the top gown, thankfully, was not exercised. The ceremony was short and sweet and seemed perfect length. The reception was a great time. Very low key and missing a few of the typical wedding cliches such as the throwing of the bouquet and a long and embarrassing first dance as a new couple. Sadly, I did miss those. You get used to these cliches and look forward to them! I did enjoy myself immensely though and danced my bum off! Also, danced with the adorable little flower girls for a good portion of the evening.

The wedding inevitably made me think of what my big day will be like and more importantly, how I can't wait to help plan my sister's wedding! I think the biggest thing was the small details that make a wedding and how it can be either sappy or a huge party!! I would like to think that somewhere in between could be just about perfect :)

Until next time,
Ciar xo

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